Brand voice

Our voice is our personality—the way we combine words, phrases, and tone help to set us apart. Here are some dos and don’ts to help keep in mind as you write for Meetup.

Our voice is... Our voice is not...
Real and genuine Formal or cute
Welcoming and helpful Indifferent or transactional
Spririted and lively Passive or forced
Thoughtful and informed Careless or cliché
Impactful and empowering Superficial or uninspired

Our voice is real and genuine

Speak conversationally, avoiding formalities. Keep it casual and natural—if you wouldn’t say it to a friend, then just don’t say it that way. Write with a glimmer behind your eye.

DO You’re in. We’re excited to have you on board.
DO NOT Success! The Meetup group you created has been approved.

DO Meetup with local groups to do more of what you’re into
DO NOT What are you loving right now? Next up, try it on Meetup!

Slang is subjective but like, try not to go full cray. Everything will eventually need to be localized.

Our voice is welcoming and helpful

When we’re inclusive and inviting, our members and organizers feel comfortable to be themselves. Write as if you’re the host of an intimate dinner party. Try to be helpful, moving people forward through the experience, creating no dead ends.

DO It won’t be the same here without you
DO NOT Are you sure you want to unsubscribe?

DO Keep your title under 65 characters
DO NOT Oops! Try again—this title is too long.

Would it feel right if you said it with jazz hands? Then don’t do it—this can get preschool teacher really fast.

Our voice is spirited and lively

At the bottom of everything, we’re all here to have a good time. When the moment calls for the brand to really shine, keep it fun and lighthearted with relatable copy that will guarantee a smile. Go for more of a wink and a nod than a knock-knock joke.

DO Actually use your oven. Explore cooking Meetups nearby.
DO NOT Show me the Meetups

DO Your passions won’t pursue themselves. Start your perfect Meetup.
DO NOT Pursue your passions. Start a Meetup today.

DO Shoot. Someone already thought of that.
DO NOT Error. This username is taken.

Be mindful that using really spirited copy in areas of the experience that members see all the time can read as disingenuous.

Our voice is thoughtful and informed

Can you say it in half the characters? Please do. We value our members’ time and intellect so we’re always considering how to be more succinct and clear. Also, if you’re making a smart reference, don’t think twice—they’ll get it.

DO Got questions? Get answers in our Help Center
DO NOT Click here to read our Help Center FAQs and get a tour

DO Tabs vs. spaces. French press vs. Aeropress. Write code with others who care about caffeine.
DO NOT Drink lattes and make code with other programmers and coffee enthusiasts near you

One way to seem more considerate is to use relatable language that people in the community will understand.

Our voice is impactful and empowering

Driving change with community collaboration and social transformation is at the heart of what we do, so everything we say should reflect the impact we’re trying to create in the world. Using imperative, inspiring language and thought-provoking questions helps motivate members and organizers.

DO If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Meetup organizing is half off today.
DO NOT Today on Meetup: Manifest destiny! Half the price, for a limited time.

DO Show up. Change lives. Start a Meetup.
DO NOT Let us help you change the world. Start your Meetup today.

Focus this kind of copy in touchpoints where coaching and inspiration makes the most sense.

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